Baskets Of Blessing Food

Baskets Of Blessing  receives quality surplus food from the supermarkets that would otherwise be discarded. Our volunteer teams sort and prepare this food for our chefs and quality home-cooks turn it into delicious, nutritious frozen meals. In turn, these meals are packaged, and distributed to those in the community struggling from unexpected life predicaments.

Baskets Of Blessing Food is on a mission in Queenstown to reduce food waste, feed people in need and bring people together by sharing food.

Note: We deliver within the Queenstown / Central Lakes / Central Otago region only. 

Feeding the Community in Many Ways

• Supply nutritious meals to those in our community in financial, emotional or circumstantial need
• Respond quickly to meet the practical needs of those in crisis
• Help people recover from illness and trauma quicker
• Reduce food waste
• Improve mental health: giving volunteers a sense of purpose & belonging and meal recipients the knowledge that others care & practical support to help them through.
• Reduce family stress
• Build empathy and kindness
• Bring people together to form friendships and build a strong, supportive community

Baskets Of Blessing Meals emphasizes support for all kinds of groups in Queenstown.
Queenstown is a beautiful place to live, but it has its unique challenges in terms of cost of living versus the average wages that people earn. Increasingly, local individuals and families are facing incredible challenges, typically without family or support networks. Those impacted by severe illness or injury, financial or mental distress, bereavement, separations and solo parenting greatly benefit by the simple act of receiving a sign that someone cares.

We have a wide variety of volunteers coming from a diverse community covering many cultures, age-groups and socio-economic backgrounds. We strive to bring people together and diminish loneliness and social isolation. It is important that people are being fed, but we also bring people together in a strong knit resilient community.

Everyone is welcome at Baskets Of Blessing Meals!

Get in touch today and find out about all the many ways you can help.