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Queenstown’s Baskets of Blessings Charitable Trust and volunteer organisation provides a platform coordinating generous donations of products, time and money to deliver unexpected gift baskets and frozen meal/food packs to individuals and families suddenly struggling from unexpected life challenges.

Established in 1990, recent times have seen Baskets of Blessing escalate to now distribute over 500 gift baskets per year and up to 3000 free frozen meals per month.

Increasingly within the Wakatipu basin, local individuals and families are facing incredible challenges, typically without family or support networks. Those impacted range across all ages, socio – economic groups and ethnicities/cultures. Severe illness, or injury, financial or mental distress, bereavement, separations and solo parenting all take their toll.

Baskets of Blessing create customised gift baskets to reinforce people do care and to offer positive uplifting moments.

Baskets of Blessing Meals receive surplus food from supermarkets that would previously have been discarded, along with food donations. Volunteer teams collate, cook and distribute delicious, nutritious home-cooked frozen meal packs.

All recipients are nominated anonymously and are actioned without judgement.

Volunteers are always welcome and donations can be made at any time – we rely on community support to provide help for those in need.

If you know someone who has been going through a crisis, or someone needing a show of support from the community in the form of a Basket of Blessing, please nominate them by completing the form below.
Please note that we cannot guarantee a delivery date.

Do you know someone in Queenstown going through a difficult time?

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Last year, Baskets of Blessing delivered hundreds of beautiful baskets filled with special gifts and baking to families in Queenstown, as well as to QT locals in hospitals, who found themselves going through a difficult time. Please help us offer support and love to those who are in emotional, circumstantial or financial need..

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