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I received a basket & meal on my doorstep earlier this evening. I don’t know how my name got put forward or why BUT thanks to whoever, it’s very much greatly appreciated gift & very humble to except this!!!!!!
Humble Nominee

I would like to say a massive thank you to all those who donated to the humongous gift baskets we received today . The kids eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw the boxes. These baskets are so overwhelming and I can’t say enough how greatful we are to have been chosen for one. You guys make bad situation more bearable knowing there are people we have never met, who care enough to donate to such a cause. Thank you sooooooo much
Hello! I cannot express how overwhelmed, blessed and grateful I feel right now to have received one of your beautiful baskets!! I could not believe what was coming through my door! My children’s eyes were popping out of their little heads with excitement and anticipation of what we might find next! My son asked me what we did, why did someone give this to us, and I didn’t really know what to say…….somebody felt we deserved it son, well that was when the tears came pouring out!! What a super special surprise. We are so grateful to you at Baskets of Blessing, and also very grateful to the person(s) who nominated or suggested us. If you are able, please would you convey our gratitude to them?
Grateful family

Thank you so much for the basket that I received last week. I have had a very difficult time recently and this absolutely lifted my spirits. So thoughtful

Thankful Nominee

Last year, Baskets of Blessing delivered hundreds of beautiful baskets filled with special gifts and baking to families in Queenstown, as well as to QT locals in hospitals, who found themselves going through a difficult time. Please help us offer support and love to those who are in emotional, circumstantial or financial need..

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